“Fandacsia is a light hat that doesn’t clap but floats, doesn’t cover but embellishes, and doesn’t shade but gets you noticed. Therefore useless.

On the other hand, some of the best things in this world are useless.

Fandacsia is a self-ironic adornment for mature ladies who know that femininity is a sweet ridiculous thing which can only be outrivaled by an excessive gesture. Sometimes, un excess is good for the complexion.

In conclusion, Fandacsia is pure temporary insanity, made of feathers, bows, buttons and a lot of plastic. A noble plastic because it lies on a head. A well quoted plastic, that is almighty and foolishly blasphemed.

It is a laid back, cruise rebelliousness holding no high stakes. I personally made it a standard with the little red birdie sitting shamelessly right on top of the head.” – Cosmina Nicolescu, Designer


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