Marie Nouvelle is a luxury brand that promotes art in various forms and shapes. Behind the creative vision is a visual artist, painter and design lover, Maria Dermengiu.

Marie Nouvelle is also an applied arts project that reconnects the modern viewer – the true art lover with the story that’s so gently painted, on what he wears.

Each scarf designed by Marie Nouvelle carries within itself a mood. It captures the exact moment from the canvas. Intricate designs, shapes and forms remind us of our common inheritance. Art, in all its forms, draws you out from everyday life and brings you back to the natural flow of emotions. It holds you tight and whispers ‘never lose your innocent soul’!

It is through art that mankind, the holder of infinite choices becomes a Universe in itself. Man sleeps at the edge of reality, shaping again and again its own vision. A painting that speaks to you will always possess something you hold inside.

The scarves, the blouses, the dresses are made from 100% pure silk and incorporate the painting collections from private views of the artist at The National Romanian Peasant Museum, U Art Gallery and other renowned exhibition venues.

“ Once upon a time… there I was, a little girl who dreamed of a mysterious, round world, wrapping her mind around intricate thoughts, ideas and vivid imagination.”

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