JOOMAY is an European premium jewelry brand founded in London  that wishes to share the love for art and beauty with all its customers.
“Wearable Art” – this is the concept that first brought us together. Transforming each hand made jewelry in a masterpiece that the wearer can show off with.
The JOOMAY jewel is an impressive three-dimensional appearance, with different types of glow, a perfect blending of transparent volumes and shades of light.
Being crafted with the fretwork laser technique, the jewel gives the impression of a sculptural object, rising from a prop which reminds of ice sculpture; at the same time, the unique combination of hand-painted Swarovski crystals renders it a “painted ice effect”.
“Imagination has no boundaries. Creativity has no limits. Talent gives you wings that can make you fly as high as your spirit aims for.”
These are few of the concepts that made our Creative Director the woman she is today. JOOMAY wouldn’t have become JOOMAY without a creator who had a great talent.
It’s our pleasure to introduce to you Carmen Vornicelu, our Creative Director.
Born in Brancusi’s country, in a family were art was encouraged in all its shapes and forms, Carmen Vornicelu was meant to become an artist herself.
Her natural talent of combining colours, shapes, textures and artistic trends made her creations famous around the world, where publications like:
Vogue IT, GQ UK Magazine, Red Magazine – UK, ELLE – Belgium, Luxure Magazine, Cosmopolitan UK, Fanancial Time, IN London, Gala Germany, Drew Magazine, Factice Magazine, Wylde Magazine, Grazia Magazine NL, Square Meal, Huf Magazine, Bolero Mag, Beau Monde, had her jewels displayed on their issues.