m.d.burnette (Maria Daniela Burnete) has spent her childhood at her grandparents’, in the heart of the Apuseni Mountains. Every breezy summer, she was by her grandmother’s side, the woman who has sewn all the festive costumes in her region after the war ended, all from imagination. Every canopy, doily and carpet in that magic place, was carefully sewn and scrupulously decorated by her. Her grandmother is the one who left her with the talent, patience and a twist of Romanian tradition soul.

As an adolescent, Maria followed the guidance of a dear old friend and permanent collaborator, Cecilia Soare. So she went on and attended fashion design courses, The University of Plastic Arts, and to top it all, The Management University, as to complete her antrepreneurial upbringing.

m.d.burnette finished her studies in Paris. After that, she returned to Romania to set up her own brand.
Maria’s design line is romantic, playful and ethereal. Precious fabrics, games of transparencies, handmade metallic accessories, crystals, decorative pearls, they all allow women wearing m.d.burnette to juggle between maturity and childhood, between elegance and eroticism.

m.d.burnette fashion house specializes in carefully detailed evening gowns, using natural silks and unique metal accessories which already became m.d.burnette signature style. Every piece of m.d.b.’s design gently caresses your soul and makes you feel like a muse wrapped in precious silk fabric.


Comandă din selecția de produse, semnate m.d.burnette. Ulterior, îți putem livra articolele prin curier, sau poți ridica rochia de seară, sau orice altă ținută aleasă, direct din showroom-ul nostru, unde vei beneficia de ajustări gratuite, pentru un look impecabil.