“The 21st Century stands for image and communication. Fashion gives us the right tools to communicate others about who we are or who we want to be.

I believe in simplicity, details sophistication and expression of the unity. These are the elements that help you rediscover yourself and find your own place. In the context of the contemporary world it is extremely important to discover and consistently refine your personal style. And that’s because I believe that clothes are our messengers. They come to complete personal stories, states, moments.

I started designing as part of a binary fashion project. I am a keen fan of un-compelled fashion, and choose to create clothes whose clean, sophisticated line are evocative of fragility and Puritanism. The minimalism in fashion is, first of all, the perfect balance between shapes, fabrics, proportions and colors that reveal the story of the outcome. Although it might seem cold and impersonal, minimalism completes simplicity with the luxury of an elegant, sophisticated look.

Fashion is essential nowadays. That is why you and me are now here.”


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