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Mauve Velvet Donna

600 RON

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The classic and very simple design makes these sandals a wardrobe favourite that will never go out of style. This gorgeous pair of sandals is made of dark mauve velvet completed with handmade beads.

• Fabric: 100% velvet
• Heel: 10 cm
• Insole: natural leather
• Outsole: tunit
This model may be customized: different heels, different colors and leather, added accessories etc.

Kindly allow a delivery time of 7 working days.


Design-ul clasic si foarte simplu al acestor sandale le transforma in piesa favorita si mereu in trend din orice garderoba. Materialul folosit este catifeaua mov inchis, accesorizata cu detalii lucrate manual.

• Material: 100% catifea
• Inaltime toc: 10 cm
• Talpa interioara: piele naturala
• Talpa exterioara: tunit

Acest model poate fi produs si din alta piele, culoare sau alta dimensiunea a tocului.

Termen de livrare: 7 zile lucratoare.