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Zenya Gift Card

299 RON

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* Deluxe packaging containing: the Zenya Card placed in a customized black box with black velvet interior and gift wrap, special notes and messages card for the person receiving the card, gift bag

* No more stress trying to figure out what present would be perfect for a certain person

* The perfect corporate present for a fashion addict business partner

* No more trying to adjust the present to a fixed amount of money: the card can serve as a down payment for a more valuable product or service; it can also represent a larger group of people for a more expensive gift.

The card may be used to:
– purchase Romanian Designers products for the range of money credited
– purchase services at Zenya Atelier: made-to-measure clothing items and accessories
– use as down payment for a dream fashion item the owner has been wishing for a long time
– benefit from all the advantages of having a ZENYA ATELIER membership card, including the possibility to become the winner of the bi-annual Members Special Raffle.


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